Thursday, December 21, 2006

I don’t want to have a criminal record

I would like to send my warm wishes to everyone by wishing them a merry Christmas and may 2007 usher in the blessings of the Lord in buckets for you all. Amen.

I was going to put up something inspirational for this time of year, and as I did my blog rounds and after reading belle's blog, I remembered what my youngest sister, who happens to be a lawyer now (but was in law school then – when this all happened) did a while back during this season.

I normally book my family flights to Nigeria, but this year (2003) I left it in the hands of my then boyfriend/fiancé to do. He had booked them in a group to get discounts and was given an upgrade by the travel agency but they failed to tell him that we all had to pay an extra £50 for each upgrade (or he sort of forgot). This was pretty good for flying top class. We were also travelling in groups and on different days. So after we all went to Nigeria, and had a wonderful time – on our way back my family (mum, youngest brother and two younger sisters) were stranded at the airport. When they went to check in their bags, they couldn’t check them in and was told they had to go see the ticketing supervisor. It was a chaotic time of the year, and so they took forever to see them, and by the time they saw them, they refused to let them recheck their bags and told them that the gates were closing. To cut the long story short, they had missed their flights, were put on the waiting list, and could not leave for up to a week. They kept ferrying them from one city to another trying to get them boarded but whenever they got to the different airports the seats would always miraculously disappear. So finally, Virgin Atlantic had spaces for two, my sisters went on it, and my mum gave them her luggages, - 4 in total – and one packed full with her goodies (dry fish, meat – all kinds of cookery stuff).

When my lawyer sister arrived at Gatwick airport – she went straight to the “something to declare aisle” opened my mum’s goodies suitcase and said she had something to declare. She took them out one by one, said her mum gave them to her and was stranded at the airport. The one with her who was only a few years older than her, was gob smacked; she couldn’t say anything (a med student – who also didn’t want to loose her license before she got them).

My mum who after the whole episode was looking forward to consoling herself with her smuggled goods asked her beloved daughters, where her food stuff were, my girls said – “I declared it all because I didn’t want to have a criminal record”. My mum nearly lost it. Only they would think customs officers reported such incidence to the police and criminal records could be obtained from such actions. That’s my family for you.

Please don’t even get me started on my two older brothers and immediate younger sister. They are so principled it’s beyond a joke. Let’s just say my mum has been doing her smuggling herself. At least it will be her criminal record…

On that note I would like to wish you all a blessed time with all your families, I pray that the Lord will grant you all journey mercies as you all travel – both in your going out and coming in, and may His light be ever before you.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy new year.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm secretly jealous - that has to be the only explanation!!!

For all those who would like to know what’s happening with my pastor friend – We’ve (I've) decide to stay just friends. No matter how hard I prayed I never could see a light at the end of the tunnel. My mother also confirmed the lack of the yes answer. After getting used to the idea and prayer agreement with the saints (in my church here), my pastor friend was able to walk away knowing in heart it is well. He was the man I had asked for, down to every specification on my list (except for the heart surgeon – which I probably will not have LOL) – but I’m learning that not everything that looks feels and meets good is right for me. For some reason it wasn’t him or if it were this is not the time. What can I say – I have let my lover go. The Lover of my soul still remains though. We are still tight as ever.

The title of this post is there for a reason. For those of you who have been following my blog will understand my latest predicament. My young guy friends are all married (imagine) who said men as young as 25 don’t know the meaning of the word commitment. My guys do. So I have this last friend that is still single. He wants to retire at the age of 40 so has been working very hard with his business his work and his forum. He is very good at what he does. I was sort of happy cause we could be single together and so seeing as he’s more focused on his work, the love bug might not be hitting him anytime soon.

So back in the day I had this girlfriends – I call them my Liverpool crew (they were all from Liverpool – myself from Chester – I’ve had so many crew – its becoming ridiculous) – we loved our crew cause it was made up of 10 girls all Igbo (bar one) – and every where we went people took notice. We felt beautiful – we were beautiful (I wont tell a lie) – LOL – and after my undergraduate years I moved cites, back up north of England to do my doctorate. We always kept in contact with each other, whenever people would have a house or club party they always invited us – the crew – never one person – all of us – one of us ended up being a hip hop artist (I’m sure after this I will no longer be anonymous). So that was also one of the things that kept us tight.

So there was this girlfriend of mine from the crew (lets call her JC) – I knew her from my main friend PB – who is now an up and coming hip hop artist (and is now saved – praise the LORD). One fine Saturday morning in the month of august, as I was conversing with my last single guy friend (lets call him Bdady) – I had this feeling that I wanted to call and speak to JC to see how she was – so as I was trying to get off the phone, Bdady said he could call her for me that I don’t have to spend my money and we could have a two way conversation (so knowing the cheapskate that I was) – I agreed. We called JC we spoke for a while, I introduced her to my brother Bdady and that was it. He said she came across as rude. I mean who cares; I wasn’t trying to do a link. So Bdady wakes up one Monday morning in the month of December, finds this number on his list of international calls – thought what the goodness and called the number to find who this number belonged to. My JC answered, they started sending emails and she tells him she’s coming to New York the following Monday. So my Bdady calls me all excited (this is not like him) – so he tells me the following week my JC was in New York – erm ok she didn’t call to tell me. No problem. They were supposed to be linking up this weekend – both Friday and Saturday – but he calls me to tell me he’s on his way to meet her mid week. What the goodness – What is happening!!! – what happened to being single TOGETHER – So he meets her, I spoke to JC – aah the voice of my good friend – we still caught joke – I guess it was all the travelling and the busy schedule that’s why she hasn’t called. Whichever, she sounded well. So I called Bdady very late in the evening – boy where are you? Don’t you know you need to be driving home, you have a long drive ahead of you and you have to be at work very early in the morning? He’s still there, having fun – laughing with his teeth wide open. I went to bed. As I lay on my bed, I wondered why I shouldn’t be happy that my Bdady is having a good time with my JC. It dawned on me, that maybe because I really might just be the last single left – even in my Liverpool crowd and misery loves company. I just might not have any more brothers to speak with, cause I’m quickly running out of single friends, and don’t want to be that single friend that is friends with the married folks. So I’m secretly jealous – that has to be the only explanation, why else? - Because all that money he was going to spend on our outing together when I hit New York will have to be spent on another. Oh well. It looks like our single together days might just be over. Adieu bro, adieu Bdady – that elusive love he never had time for might just hit him without realisation. JC is a good person and so is Bdady. They do look good together if I must say so myself. I just wished I had more time with our single together days.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Re – digging Her Well

Don’t you find when you feel that you’ve been blessed, there seem to be problem looming. People trying to take your joy away on a mission known as “undercover joy burst”.

She has come so far. You should have seen her back when it all started.

In spite of all that was going on in her personal life, the Lord had blessed her indeed. But now it appears difficulties, that was about to accumulate to a nervous breakdown seems to be knocking on her door. People has started to cover up, what she had done, had quarrelled and opposed her in every opportunity possible, and now she was facing ruin. Each time she faced a difficulty she attributed it to her past mistakes and maybe she didn’t deserve to be happy. She didn’t realise that all she needed was to re-dig her “well” this last time. She needed to remember that the first time she asked God to forgive her of her past He did and He said He would remember them no more (Isa. 38 vs. 17; Isa 43 vs. 25). The Lord Jesus was shamed as he lay on that cross so her guilt and shame had been removed (Isa. 25 vs. 8), the plans her enemies had for her was not going to succeed (Isa. 19 vs. 3). He wanted her to draw closer to Him, push and pray harder than she had ever done, for her breakthrough was but moments away. He wanted to bless her just as He did Isaac when he encountered oppositions (Gen. 26 vs.12 -25). Just as Isaac dug another well, No one quarrelled with him anymore and the Lord gave him room to flourish in the land. Finally the guilt scales that had blinded her eyes were lifted. She dug and pushed one last time and no one quarrelled with her anymore. She was finally settled by God in every area of her life. She now has a family and a very good job with room to flourish. She had atlast found happiness, happiness she never felt worthy of. But alas she was happy. The other forms of happiness she sort had sorrow in it, but the one the Lord had given her had no sorrow (Prov. 10 vs. 22; Isa. 60 vs. 20; John 16 vs. 22)

What is holding you back? Don’t let the guilt of the past have an impact on your future. It did in this case, but the Lord said NO. She didn’t deserve God’s grace, but He still forgave her and blessed her. I also need to re-dig my wells – I think you all need an update on my pastor friend. I will post on it the next time. Stay blessed all.

Friday, December 01, 2006

How would you feel?

I knew a young woman once. She was jolly, easily excitable, always with a terribly huge smile on her face and worked tirelessly for the Lord. She was a woman with a strong Faith in the Lord, but she also had some difficult days. She tried her best to put maximum effort into whatever she did and the Lord blessed her effort regardless.

I knew a young woman once. She was a graduate student – of colour – and very naïve. She only read about isms in books and watched it on the television but she never believed it was something that was inherently working even in today’s world.

I knew a young woman once. She was forced to collaborate with a young vibrant – fellow graduate student – she was sweet, nice, stunningly beautiful, blonde and of German decent. The woman of colour was forced to share her ideas, results – her work – with this young vibrant lady under the pretence of collaboration – team work – Pushing the frontiers of science forward. The young woman of colour did all the work, generated all the results and because the vibrant lady could not match up to the woman of colour the Departmental heads always felt sorry for her. Whatever the woman of colour produced – she was forced to share with her vibrant team member. The Young woman of colour realised that her work was constantly attributed to this vibrant young woman and decided to create a niche for herself. She came up with an idea, ran it past the departmental heads and got the approval to proceed. She was told the next day that her idea would work better if a departmental head put it together – with the guarantee that she would be in charge of the work. When the time to give the woman of colour what was hers it was given to the vibrant young woman with a nice sweet smile.

I knew a young woman once. Not knowing what next to do she cried and became desperate. She was going to take any type of position – and began to believe she had no self worth. There was no way out, and no future. She was told she had no vision and academia was not a place for her. She believed the FACT and had forgotten the TRUTH. She still carried on her work in the Lord but daily you could see she was subdued. Even though she was of good cheer that deceptive deep sadness was very visible on her face. One day she said to herself “I must enquire of the Lord and know for myself where I went wrong”. As she looked out of her window and saw the rain drops watering the plants – she remembered the word of the Lord for her – “As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth” Isa 55 vs. 10 – 11 – “For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay” Hab. 2 vs. 3 – She smiled a little. Her strength renewed and more persuaded now than ever that her GOD will never leave her. For He is making everything new; He is trustworthy and true; For He said to her I have brought you this far and is taking care of your affairs – “It is done”. “He who overcomes will inherit all – He will be their God and he will be His son” – Rev. 21 vs. 5 – 7.

I knew a young woman once. For if she hadn’t had the love of God on her side – She probably would have been dead now. The worries of life would have snuffed out her young life. So even though they had stripped her of all she had worked so hard for they did not realise that God had a different plan for her. In the end she was awarded an important position in the department with funds to do as she pleased. She had become an overcomer. The young vibrant woman is doing well too. Let us hope for better things for her.

Dedicated to all the young ladies / gentlemen ever short changed because of a reason or the other – The Lord has better plans for you. You didn’t get it does not mean you’re not good enough. It simply means it’s not for you.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nwan my Love - sorry she played you!!

My good friend (& cousin - 6 times removed) just called me today - I haven't spoken to him in a while. The last time we spoke he was getting married and he had prayed concerning her and had peace of mind concerning her. He had asked her to marry him; she had agreed but was reluctant to fix a date. You see she was young, I'm told 23 and he was 36 yrs - Yes 36 - even the age difference shocked me. He loved her very much and she appeared to as well - but she was hesitant.

Why shouldn't she be hesitant - according to Miguel's "The games women play" he might have been a "fry pan" or a "grill" guy. He was successful and financially stable - And he wasn't going anywhere and she got whatever she wanted from him. A man that could be relied upon, a man with upstanding morals - but the reasons why the relationship should not work was glaring!!

He was devastated - He was hoping for a December traditional marriage but she was now leaving - She had toyed and left - she had got close to his mother and finally came out with it. "Our relationship will not work" she said - "I am catholic and he's protestant - the age difference is very much - we have nothing to talk about and we are not on the same level - He's too old for me and more mature than I am - I need to find me someone with a smaller age difference and interest".

Baby girl - didn't you know all this while you were dating? Didn't you know all this when you were spending his money?, hounding him day and night, telling him how much you love him and can't live without him?, sweet pea, didn't you realise this when your sisters and family friends told you at the beginning concerning the lack of common ground? - Why did you have to pull him in only to break this good man - who has always been on the good guy’s side. Can a woman ever tell of how he has hurt tricked and abused them? If there is one please say it loud!!

He has always been family orientated - worked to get his family off the ground - always too busy for himself but available for others - This was the one thing he wanted - you should have told him from the beginning. There is nothing wrong with what you did baby girl (breaking off the engagement), but it was the way you did it and the person you did it to.

It was not meant to be, but in the future don't play this game. You knew it would never work cause the reasons you outlined was always there from the beginning - you should have told him what you wanted him for and not used him to get what you wanted - only to dash him when you realised how serious he was. Baby girl you are far too young to play these games - If ever in doubt - Then stop - don't pretend!!

I hear another is about to take your place - I hope he will take his time - and not rush into bad rubbish.

Disclaimer – it makes you think – just because you have peace about someone you intend to propose to does not make them the right one. Sometimes it so obvious that that person is playing games!!


I forgot to mention that Nwan my love is now married to the "Best Woman" in the world.. I love that girl mannnn, she is something else. He got married Jan 2007..... God is Faithfull my people.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Where is My MAN?!!!!!!

I had and still have a good friend whose sister was 6 years older than we were. We were in our late teens and we always wondered why she was still single. I always liked staying over at her sister’s place – she was always fun to be with – but all she ever talked about was men, relationships and men. We didn’t quite understand her, we always thought to ourselves – how can it be so difficult to find a man, when there were so many handsome men – Just strolling down the street – there were men galore – or is the dudes in the clubs – F- I- N- E. We always visualised ourselves by the age of 25 –married and settled and done everything we needed to have done – and the age we were then to be fun time age. We always had this look on our face that said her sister worried too much. Some years after that – I went to stay at her sisters place yet again – she was still doing the same talk routine. Men – relationships – men. She was slightly on the heavy side – and so we assumed that could be the reason why she was still not married at her age. As a last result – she started going to this Pentecostal church in North London – and left after many months – apparently the pastor had had an affair and appropriated some church fund. She was still searching for her Mr Right but she was now doing it in all the wrong places. At that time, I really never understood why she was still single – and why she was finding it difficult to find a man.

As the years progressed, so did my age, and I found myself again in the position I once found difficult to understand when I was a tad younger than I am now. Was in my mid twenties and very much single. As I looked around me – in my circle of friends – I found that they were all married / or were in a lasting relationship – All working for the Lord and enjoying the presence of their companion as they embraced the work of the Lord. I wasn’t sure if I was finding it difficult to accept – or was it the fact that it was always brought to my attention – but it appeared that I was always asked about it. Causing me to feel - when previously the thoughts had never crossed my mind. It got to a point the meetings I had with my pastors increased – I was having more regular meetings with my pastor than I would have expected. The topic – how are you feeling? Or how do you feel when you hear that J, T, K, Di, E, Da, and countless others were getting married – my answer would always remain I am very happy for them – and the Will of God is being realised in their life. For some of them – I had to pray with them and for them - for God to reveal and confirm to them that their partner was their partner – so I was very much present during the entire process of the courtship – Especially there during their highs and their lows – and I guess it was probably why the pastors insisted on seeing me on a more regular basis – concerning my relationships – or lack of it – It had to effect me in one way or the other – psychologically or emotionally. I was ripe to be categorised as a woman who might be if not desperate to settle down – I had many opportunities to feel sorry for myself. My mum who had been a lobbyist of the idea of me marrying at the age her sisters got married (30 yrs and above) – started her fasting and praying routine when it dawned on her that her daughter in her circle of friends was the only single left – She stepped up – changed her entire strategy – and was now lobbying must marry in mid to late twenties -

But I’m glad that even though some days might be difficult – The Word of the Lord says in Isaiah 34 vs. 16 -17 – “None of these will be missing, not one will lack her mate. For it is his mouth that has given the order, and his Spirit will gather them together. 17. He allots their portions; His hand distributes them by measure. They will possess it forever. And in Numbers 23 vs. 19 – He reassures us that He does not lie – and as He planned it so will it be and as He purposed it so will it stand [Isa 14 vs. 24; Isa 46 vs. 11; Isa 45 vs. 23; Jer 4 vs. 28 [end]; Jer 29 vs. 11], That He has not forgotten us – Isa 49 vs. 15-16 , that I will never be disappointed in Him [vs. 23 end], because the words that go out of His mouth concerning me/ us will not return to Him empty []Isa 54 vs. 11].

What do I mean by difficult – recalling and recanting the past – wondering why I had to go through what I had to go through – emotionally – men of no valour – His words tells me to forget what had happened in my past – and look forward to what He is doing, asking me if I still don’t see it [Isa 43 vs. 18-19] – that I had to go through what I went through cause He is teaching me what is best for me [Isa 48 vs. 17] – and He disciplines me because of His Love for me [Heb 12 vs. 6-7]. I am not saying that He is to be blamed for my mistakes or “wayo” men coming my way LOL – but I am saying that even in that He was and still is in control.

So even though – many would come to me and wonder why I’m still single – saying is it because she has read too much that she thinks she’s too good for our men, or she’s single because no man is good enough – my consolation is that the word of God tells me that I should not fear the reproach of men or be terrified by their insults []Isa 51 vs7], and because He helps me I will not fear disgrace [Isa 50 vs. 7; Isa 54 vs. 4]. His time is the best time. It is better to wait and have what He has given to you, than to rush to take what He has not given to you. So celebrate your age. God only knows how to give good things – He can’t give bad things – so those days when you cry yourself to sleep – feeling sorry for yourself – think about how you are wasting useful tears that you could use when the time to rejoice arrives – because yes days might be hard – but as long as there is noon time and harvest time, as long as My God is on The Throne – what He has promised He will bring to pass – Yes it might seem too long – and yes you might ask the question why you and what makes you different from the others – The difference is YOU – you have been made differently – and Your portion is different – Remember He has caused your boundary line to fall on pleasant places for YOU and your lot already secure [Psalm 16 vs. 5-6]. So break up unploughed ground – Your season to be blessed has arrived. And the Lord has remembered you.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Its a interesting World!!

I had decided to put a very interesting perspective on life thus far – but I just couldn’t let this be. As I pondered on how to seek the answer to my question without it being an allegory, I finally decided that I needed help.

You might find this funny – I know I do!

I am a Nigerian as far as I’m concerned – I might not be a typical Nigerian who spent a lot of her grown up years in Nigeria but I have tried to make up for my inadequacies – I travel back to Nigeria annually – when I’m there I’ve tried to learn the local dialects so that I am not taken advantage of – tried to learn some Yoruba – It always comes in very useful – I’m not saying am an expert but I can get by - I can understand and speak Igbo – I’ve also started learning the pidgin English – I try to hang out more in the village – no point in staying in the cities [cause its all a learning experience] – Apart from the lack of electricity, bad road, running water, mosquito bites, police thieves, some wazup men – I believe I have slowly assimilated myself back to the system.

I also have a Nigerian passport. My father made sure he got us all one. Our Nigerian passports must have expired the first time I remember in the early or mid 90’s. My dad always had our Nigerian passports – So he never got round to renewing them – So in 2001 he decided to travel to Nigeria on a leave to stay for a year or more – and he remembered he had to renew our passport – We all had to go to the Nigerian embassy in London – I have never seen a place so disorganised in my entire life. We had got all the forms signed, every requirement met – but they refused to renew our passport – They made up one story or the other – I nearly lost my rag that day. So Finally my dad asked to see the guy in charge of the embassy – They had my dad waiting for hrs – my dad was cool and collected – I was looking for someone to run my mouth to – so finally he met the man – whom realised he knew my dad – they struck off a conversation – and within hrs all our passports were renewed.

My executive self have been asked to be chief-bridesmaid at my dear friend and cousin’s wedding – My passport expired august of this year – I really don’t want to have to go through everything that we went through just to get one passport – so I thought I should go get a visa – A friend adanna had applied for a Nigerian visa - even though she spent her entire secondary school terms in Nigeria – her visa application was denied – You can blatantly tell she’s Nigeria, she talks Nigerian, has a Nigerian name, but they declined her visa to go to Nigeria.

So what I’m I getting at – It looks like a Nigerian like me will have to apply for visa to go to Nigeria. They’ve asked I should bring invitation letter from Nigeria to show I will not go to Nigeria disappear, and not want to return – to show I have sufficient funds to stay in Nigeria and will not be a burden to Nigeria -

What if I choose to renew my passport – I need to get thumb print – do they still do that – and get someone in official government to watch me sign. My dad had always dealt with that side of things – but its time I try and deal with this myself. So this is where you guys come in. Please my blog friend – I need your advice – ibi like say – I no go return to Nigeria again o. My trip is planned for mid January – any chance any of this immigration issues be resolved before then?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Is she really out of her mind!!!

I'm about to tell you a story - A story that requires wisdom in order to advice appropriately -

Lets suppose a woman meets and falls in love with a good man, a godly man, who as far as he’s concerned has found his favour and is about to obtain favour from the Lord for doing so. He loves, adores and cherishes her - her happiness is his ultimate ambition and one of her things about him - is she loves the way he loves her - But here is the catch.

He is very successful, and even though he’s a transatlantic kinda guy, he lives and has his base in Nigeria. His business is in its infancy, and only requires a few more years to reach its full potential, where possibly another branch could be opened outside of nigeria. He does have an intention to live outside Nigeria and have given the woman an option of choosing where she would like them to settle, so that they can discuss and choose a likely outcome. He wants them to have a relationship where they are together and her career is not affected.

Now the woman is very successful at what she does, is world renowned (scientist – in her field – the youngest black and only black individual in her field) – People have always tagged her to be one of the Nobel Lauriets for example of the future – is published in prestigious journals and is about to be employed as an associate professor on a tenure track post. Her ideas are ground breaking and her fellow scientists look out for her work to see what journals her papers appears to find out if she is slacking or on track.

She is also a mighty woman of God – A woman who knows and understands her role as a support to her husband and help mate. She has modelled herself on the wife of a noble character told in Proverbs 31 vs. 10 and has always believed that her husband will be her master as Sarah called her husband Abraham master – she believes her role as a wife is beside her husband and would not be separated from her husband for any length of time - she sees her position and achievements as blessings not as a result of her intelligence, she has never been career orientated and therefore has always held everything she has lightly. Her parents are very proud of her, especially her mother, who goes about and speaks to total strangers about her beloved daughter. She is 26, and her mother is not just about to let her go, because not only is she her mother’s daughter but her best friend too. Her mother would like her married (some day – what mother wouldn’t) – but not just yet – she is not mentally prepared to let her go. She is the eldest daughter of a large family unit – and her family love and adore her – she is not just a sibling to them – but she is a blessing to them – She is a deacon in her church – a woman very respected by her pastors and by the entire congregation - she is involved in every church department – and because she devotes her time to God – God devotes His time to her – To sum it up she is a woman of favour.

Now she is in-love with this man – she is in the process of finding if he is her master and lord. She would also love her mother and siblings and her pastors to agree on this and believes that when the time comes they will all agree – but it appears that the process is taking longer to resolve. When she makes her decision she would want to move to Nigeria to be with him (her husband – instead of waiting for the business to mature - that may take some time) – she would also have to have a career change – you see her field is very new even in the western world and is only gathering pace there – She would be seen as a wasted talent if she does move – but IS HE WORTH IT?? –

The time is almost here, she is about to make a decision – a decision no one wants to hear – Is she out of her mind?? –

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Name Your Purpose

Its in doubt when the worst decisions of ones life is made and its in lack of knowledge that mistakes are multiplied. I find myself troubled and perplexed - for once in my life - I am unable to make a decision because of lack of knowledge. Why do I say this - I am troubled because once in my life I find myself unable to name my purpose in life. I am a woman of favour, for the Lord has blessed me in indeed and I can say that I have tasted and know that the Lord is good and I am persuaded that my God is more than able and the plans He has for me ears have not heard or eyes conceived - so why Im I troubled? why do I keep repeating the same question to myself - How comes you still do not know your purpose? - I finally realised not only is it important to know who you are in Christ Jesus but to also know the walk for which He has called you for. His words says, that I am chosen, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and I belong to God so that I will declare His praise (1 Pet 2 vs 9) - But what does He say about my purpose ?

I had always prayed to be in His Will to walk the path He has set out for me - I had been basking in His favour, in His grace, in His abundance - In His Love - My life a living testimony of the goodness of the Lord - But still I had erected barriers to keep Him out.

Woe to me I exclaimed - I have not been listening to Him - His grace and love have been with me so that I can boldly declare His praise but my heart had been closed - on lock down - I had deafened Him out - I pray what I think He thinks I should be praying - I had been limiting God by fancying that I know what He can do - I had not opened my mind to expect unexpected things - to pray what He wants me to pray for - I had overcrowded my mind with my spiritualism instead of the simplicity that is in worshiping God - Infact I had missed Him FULL STOP - But because of HIS GRACE - because of His grace - I have been given another chance to hear again - Dear Lord I cry out - the walls are torn down - Speak to me Im listening - What is it you want me to do?

People come into your life for a reason - sometimes as a wake up call for things you have been doing wrong - Its time for a change - A good change I hope.

So then I ask - Name your purpose - God willing I will be able to soon.

Monday, October 23, 2006

No serious gist - just Dilema

So seing as I have no gist - and though there has been alot that has happened, trying to put them together has been a very challenging task. So here I am seeking out my christian blog friends to pray for life of a stranger. I say this becasue I thought you all ought to know the developments on the 'jeep guy' front.

So the guy has taken it upon himself to harrass me morning noon and night, at work, at home, in bed, asleep, even in the Loo. The point is he sounds sooo good and helpless, so yeye life of a stranger cant even say - leave my life alone - to the guy. In fact I sort of look forward to his harrassments (let me tell the truth - the truth shall set me free). Most of our conversations is normally about how he will give me a happy home, and how he will spend the rest of his life making me happy, and how I will be an envy of every married woman and how he has stopped at his bus stop and is not moving again. I dont mean to brag - But I know I got it all - Looks, intelligence, financially stability, and most Importantly GOD. So none of all his raps about complimenting me will work, cause I know I got it. LOL - But on a serious note, his sweet talk is working, I no go lie - He has proposed officially now with an $18,000 platinum diamond ring (for all those who know about this type of things - is this too cheap - LOL - kai I never said I will accept - see your looks - kai)

But here are the pitfalls - He is not a medical doctor - you know a heart surgeon; His only qualification is masters in Theology and an honorary doctorate in theology - It would have been nice if he had a doctorate in medicine - you know - He's not 6ft 3inches, so my sons might be average like me LOL - (I will come back and propogate this list) - Seriously he is a strange man, in terms of I dont know who is he - yes I know thats what the getting to know him is all about but who are his friends - who is jeep guy??

I am so convinced that he is not the one cause of the manner in which he came and have not bothered to put him in prayers - I mean why waste useful prayer time - but my people I want to tell the truth, he has begun to wear me down. Even that my friend KC has started to say that I, a whole life of a stranger is no longer available on the market, that I don go umahia. Imagin. What arrant nonsence.

Please pray for Life of a stranger - this distractions must stop - this harrassments must stop (even if it will affect my ego) - Pray for the peace of mind for everyone especially jeep guy. Maybe its about time I stop treating this as a joke - its like its very very serious - how did this all happen - na lie I no go marry this man. Hm - I have already told God.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An attempt to answer my TAGGED questions

So you would all like to know a little about me - at the point of sounding pessimistic - I know its a matter of days before my cover as a C-I-A [currently - in hiding - agent] is blown. LOL.

Let us Begin:

1. Professional Student - and doing the following on the side -
2. Claims assessor
3. Local Council Receptionist
4. Real Estate Agent

1. Professional Singer - Gospel obvioulsy
2. Catwalk Model - for people my height
3. Professional Shopper
4. Lingerie tester - you know how it is

1. Cassablanca - Humphrey Bogart is da Lick..
2. Sound of Music - Those were the days
3. Gone with the Wind - Frankly my dear ..
4. Pride and Prejudice [BBC Dramatisation]

1. London
2. Manchester
3. Blacksburg
4. Chester

1. Law & Order [Criminal Intent]
2. CSI & all the spin offs [Miami; NY]
3. House
4. Eastender; Corronation Street; Emmerdale

1. Aya napa - Cyprus
2. Heidelberg - Germany
3. Gosau - Austria
4. Goteborg - Sweden

1. Pubmed
2. Webmail
3. Google
4. Blogger

1. All Kinds of ofe soup
2. Pepper soup
3. Beans porridge
4. moi moi - is the badest + all the delicious mouth watering nigerian foods [ngwo ngwo ; Ukwa; Im salivating - I must resist]

1. sushi
2. sea weed
3. amala
4. raw onions

1. moi moi
2. moi moi
3. moi moi
4. moi moi

1. Light Stand
2. My tons and tons and tons of bags and shoes
3. bed
4. My stupendous amount of outfit

1. A Husband
2. Nothing - I need deliverance from the once I have

1. Huge grey T-shirt with Boston written across the front

1. Heaven
2. My church back home - they are having juanita Bynum preach today I want to go home

3. Home
4. Nigeria

1. In the world of exclusive shopping
2. Name Brand Discount Village
3. Village of bags
4. Designer shoes Discount village

1. My Blog people - remember when Im getting married you all are invited oo - Ive given you enough notice
2. My old Liverpool Crew
3. Hapri and umaru
4. Kim and Carlyn
5. My London, Manchester Crew - Big up

1. My relationship with God
2. Im so silly - You need divine help
3. God should settle me asap
4. The next sale - UK style

1. Houses
2. Cars
3. Handbags and shoes - you know they are one right!!!
4. Coats

1. I enjoy sitting at home chilling - rocking to my music
2. A good destination is wasted on me - you can take the babe out of the bush but you cant the bush out of the babe - LOLOL
3. I weigh myself everyday
4. I cant swim

They are already tagged

Discalimer - I know it sounds like I'm materialistic (you don't say!!!!!!) - but Im learning not to store up for myself riches where moths and pests will devour but to begin to store up for myself in heaven riches that will last.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

He proposed to me - Its not what you think!!

I would like to send out love to you all that joined me in shouting out praises to God.

I am back, and have had a strange man call me, he has proposed, asked for my hand and wants me to be his wife - mother to nations. Come and listen to story - I know I have been out of the dating game for a while [seriously of no fault of mine], but shouldn't I been asked out on a date, wined and dined, the whole phones call shinanigans and can't live without them kinda feeling. This all in 1hr 13mins of conversation, which subsequently led to 7hrs 45mins conversation. I wont lie I was enjoying the talk.

You asked what happened. How did this thing happen again to life of a stranger. I must give him thumbs up for his boldness. This is how it started. My good friend [lets call him KC] was speaking to me online about his business, and was also prophesying into his life that this time next year he would be married. He had a pastor friend of his that sat next to him, who was visiting him at the time. The guy aparantly was very sucessful and into charity work, and as I sat talking to my friend the man came on the phone and introduces himself to me. The conversation was very short to say the least. I was mortified that someone was present and was listening to our conversation.

Anyways! my friend then asked if I could give him a few mins while he walks the man to his car. He comes back and says to me, "the guy really likes you, and hes just bought a brand new jeep; he'll buy one for you too", this friend of mine has a weird sense of humour, like I couldn't afford to buy myself a jeep. Well I thought that was the end of that line of conversation, only to come home today and who was it that calls, the guy that will buy me a jeep.

We spoke for a while I wasn't going to be rude, I felt he might have some words of wisdom for me. As I entertained his conversation it dawned on me that he was serious about getting to know me more and was hoping it would lead to you know what. I was like it by force. The Lord did not tell me; I dont want to be that man of God from Judah [and we know what happened to the man of God]. This is the third time a total stranger has prophesed love and marriage like this. At least the second dude was lebanese, he once in a while visited my church, he was having dreams. You know the rest. He was disturbing my pastor at the time; and could not wait to be counselled, cause he couldn't handle it anymore. He tells me God told him that I was his wife. Serious dey craze..I fit look like lebanese to you..NONSENSE..LOL; but it was a very scarey time for me. People proposing left side and centre. At that time I had just come out of a serious relationship cause I found out the dude wanted to use me for papers..imagin..Its been dry on that front for a while. But a reputable pastor, life of a stranger dont suffer...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

OOh my History - But what a record

Hello my people, first of all I would like to ask that yall give a shout of Praise to God for He is trully magnificent and Faithful. Would you believe life of a stranger and airport chaos yet again.

Here is where I begin;

So I had a very early flight to catch out to seattle then to tokyo; Back in the day, I would be at the airport very early but since my new found status [best part of a year] I have been strolling into the airport with 45mins to spare and I have always managed to catch my flight. So How was I supposed to know that United would close its counter 30mins prior to departure at this small airport. As I arrived at this very small insignifant airport in the middle of nowhere, my airline United had closed its gates, was not serving and they had overbooked by 6. I could not even check my luggage in electronically. After a 45mins wait, their counter was reopened, and I was told that because I strolled in very late, I would have to rebook.

First of all I was going to do the "how dare you speak to Dr. so and so, do you know where I teach" kinda speach, but by this stage, I had missed all my connection flight. Serious Yawa. I had an audience waiting for my presentation, and If I was going to make it out in time I was now going to pay 1500 dollars, but they couldnt promise me this. I had called the United free phone number, they were very symathetic, but had no spaces left, and told me that the airplanes were overbooked.

Serious Yeyyyyyy. Mogbe.. Im dead ooooo.

My people it wasnt even the money, I had learned as a child that we are responsible for our mistakes and so I had to deal with this mistake, even if it were a costly one, but you see I had also checked with the other airlines, and they had no spaces left and so could not sell me a ticket to try and get out anywhere to connect to tokyo. I was informed that American airlines had cancelled two of its flights to tokyo, hence fully booked.

I wasn't sure what next to do, I consided going home, I mean what else could I do, so I started to pray. I reminded God of my lazy solicitor friend whom He came through for after she had missed an appointment with her client which almost cost her the case. I started to sing "My God is an awsome God who reigns" so that even the next person in the que could hear me.

So as I sat on the counter space where luggages were weighed, singing my God is an awsome God and praying, a united representative spent a significant amount of time on that machine of hers, and says to me, she could put me on a flight from chicago out to tokyo [she didnt tell me when], but because all the flights out of roanoke was fully booked, she wasn't sure how I was going to get out to chicago. She could only put me on standby. So my status was unknown. There were 6 others on standbye from the earlier flight, and the small plane seated 40. So I wasnt even sure if I was going to fly out of that airport that day. But I praised and glorified God, at least I thought to myself let me get through custom, each step at a time; I can wait 24hrs, its not like I havnt done it before.

My people God is SUPER MIGHTY. Did you know that the flight she put me on as standbye was apparantly cancelled, many people who were suposed to be on this flight had to catch the bus or rent a car, but the truth was the flight was only delayed by 4hrs cause they couldnt get a crew together. I had a couple of professor collegues of mine going to the meeting and were also suppossed to be on this cancelled flght. So we all made it chicago, but they had missed their connecting flight out to tokyo. When we arrived at the United desk, I was hiding my face, as they went to complain - [which one is my own - wasnt it my fault that I missed my flight] - the next thing I heard was "we are sorry mam for all the problems", I was upgraded to practically first class, top notch hotel to spend the night compliments of United, and was hanging out at the premier united club.

I couldnt quite believe what was happening. Didnt they check my HISTORY, I said to myself, I was on the 7.25 flight connecting to tokyo from seattle not the 9.55 chicago connection. But you see, my history had been erased, the Lord had given me a new RECORD (filled with favour), which was now showing that I was on the cancelled flight and I deserved their appologies and compliments. I was no longer travelling alone, but with people. These professors took super great care of me, and they were the best.

The Lord had turned my mistake, my fault to a joyous blessing. My history was I had been presumptions to think that I could get away with strolling in late to the airport, missed my flight, was required to pay a 1500 dollar bill, and was facing the ridicule of not turning up at a presentation arranged 6months in advance; but the Lord who did not allow me to be put to shame, GAVE me a new record. Yes I missed my flight, but I did not miss the most important day, today I gave my presentation.

As I began to praise God and gloryfy God, I realised I should not be anxious for anything, cause if He came through for me during this potentially costly mistake, the Good Super Great plans that He has promised He would bring to pass. Cause He is the same Yesterday Today and Forever. He will never change.

Please People thank Him for me WELL WELL, because if it hadnt been for the Lord on my side............................................

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Help Wanted - Any Japaneese language useful!!!

I am off to Japan on Friday - I have a presentation to give at a conference. Its in Yokohama and I have been reliably informed that aparantly they don't speak english in the area (only in tokyo city centre). As you well know that can't be true and thus I do not believe my reliable source [I mean, come on, they should be able to speak english anywhere in the world], but just in case the former were to be true, any form of help with the lingo will be very well appreciated.
As in the majority of cases where I've been, when the locals find that you are trying to learn their language by speaking a few of their words, they tend to then reveal that they do actually understand some english.
You may ask, how have I been preparing for my trip? - well, thus far, I have taken some pictures of the taxi rank, a hotel, the toilet and the building I will be going to.

Any more ideas on other pictures I should have will be very much needed. I look forward to your coments. Many Thanks people.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Seriously though which is it - Your true identity

The title is quite ominous but I hope as I tell the tale the title will become a tad clearer. As I read xoxo blog it reminded me of this man I once met. I had met this refreshing looking guy a while back, very pleasant to the eye and it appeared that he had everything going that a young girl would want in a man she would like to date. He sounded ambitious, and was just finishing dental school. He intoduced himself to me - adeniran adegoke folusho omotayo tewogbade - or something on those lines. I smiled. Finally a nigerian, a nigerian I thought to myself; I grew up in the middle of nowhere where the population was mostly white, and it was refreshing to meet a go getter who happened to be nigerian. So I went on to ask him where he was from [you know ladies how you know the answer, but you still ask the questions] - I assumed he was going to say I grew up in Delaware but my parents are originally from nigeria or something of that nature - [you know how some nigerian youth are who grew up outside nigeria identify themselves] - so imagine my shock when the guy tells me he's from south carolina, originallyfrom Georgia. I pressed on to ask where his parents were from and he said something like New York. I was flabbergasted. I had been sure this black brother's name was nigerian and after he had introduced himself, he had left me confused. I later reconciled with myself with the idea that quite possibly he was a black american with a nigerian name. But all 5 names, that was it. The man had exhausted me with his answers and it was time I went on my merry way. So I said my goodbyes and that was that. I thought of other example like ...Taaayyyeeee Diggs... The actor who by his first name may lead people into thinking he's nigerian but may be a black american wanting to associate himself with africa. But in this actors defense he only has one name that remotely sounded nigerian. But the guy I met had five. As I walked along, I couldn't help but wonder, was he nigerian and not proud of his roots and desperately wanting to belong that he would sell his history, or is this the case of when in ROME behave like the Romans do. Interestingly this has taught me a huge lesson indeed, Just because he looks nigerian, acts nigerian speaks like a nigerian doesn't make him a nigerian.

Have a blessed wekend all.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Falling in public places - There could be worse

I am sure if you ask many what their worst fear is, they would all say falling with your entire body on the floor in a public place. But for me, falling is no longer an issue, as it appears that the majority of places I have visited I have tripped or fell face down on the floor. There is this particular occassion I would like to blog about only because it was the most recent. Like really really recent.

You know how it is ladies when you are travelling, and you try to look your best. For me there is no such thing as travelling light. Even if its for a few days, you need to have 3-5 possibilities of what to wear for each time of the day. For example evening wear, you might decide to go out on a nice evening out, a fish and chips takeout, or stay home and eat what I've cooked, either way, these are 3 events, and each has possible outfits. So basically, the long and short of it is I don't know how to travel light.

So on this particular day, I had waited a little while to get my excess loaded luggage, and it was a struggle to get it out of the baggage handler. Normally I feign lack of strength and others around tended to help, but this day no one did. There was no way I was going to try and lift it onto a luggage carrier; now that would have snapped my back in two (you see I am 5Ft. 3 inch, and the suitcase was almost as tall as I am), so I decided to roll it on its wheel. As I attempted to roll the baggage, my high heeled shoe got caught on the rollers, the case fell, overpowered me, and took me with it, exclaming "shame" as I fell, and there I was on the floor yet again. I knew people saw me, we had all just arrived on a fully packed international flight, so everyone saw me, but it was a normal occurence so I picked myself up, and brushed off the dirt, repositioned my case and was about to walk on when this black brother came to me. He didn't come to help, he came just to tell me he liked what he saw and gave me a card. Well, no award for telling you what came next. The customs people came quickly to ask me if I'd been given anything to bring, and insisted I opened my bag. Basically it was an experience and I wish I could say never to be repeated but knowing me you just never know.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is it seriously the Jogging!!

A group of grad students invited me to join them in their saturday morning jog, on the huckleberry trail (where the loose criminal tried to excape a while back), anyways I wasn't interested and after they had asked for a "little while", I succumbed. The Joke was I hadn't remontely done anything befitting anyform of exercise, and we were going to jog 3 miles . So I woke up early, thanked the Lord for being alive and got picked up. I stretched so hard preparing myself for the work ahead and to my amazement I managed to jog nearly 2miles. You would think that's where the story ends, well I walked the whole 2 miles back (I was so proud of myself there was no need for any more excersise), got back very impressed with my meagre effort, and my joints have been aching since. So I am begining to wonder did the jogging have anything to do with my aching joints. You would think the muscles should be affected. Well its been quite difficult to get around, but I can't but think, maybe the stretching was excersise enough on its own.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Being Blessed

I just thought to blog concerning this as I just got off the phone with a friend at work, who asked me to keep her in my prayers and to ask the God that answers my prayers to answer hers. You see she just got saved and is struggling with all the random day issues such as tithing among others, and she is so convinced of how blessed I am that she feels that all I need do is pray on her behalf and all her issues will be solved. Anyways this got me thinking, I'm sat here, going through my issues, even though I spend time in fellowship with God it's still not enough and I'm dying for sunday just to be in the company of His saints. I began to feel a sense of dejavour, was convinced I had had the same conversation before. It got me thinking; I now recal a situation with a great friend of mine back in the UK, who is married and has been a blessing to me in more ways than one, and I remember her complaints back then, how people kept calling her blessed, "I mean how can I be blessed" she would say, and normally in bitterness of spirit. It got to the point where whenever this was said she took this as an offense. But now, she is an example of a woman who is blessed by God. I remeber reading Miguels blog and how he reminded me that the God that we serve is a God of order. I can't begin to explain how that rang in my spirit. ck was desperately sad but she hadn't realised that her blessings had to come in a certain order. You see she wanted a child, had no problems conceiving but the child was not coming fort. I realise now that the Lord had to settle her in a certain order. The Lord had to give them a great Job to afford the great house that they had just purchased, so that they had their own huge place to raise up a child, not just renting, but theirs. She is now an expectant mother; Thinking about this, I had to remind myself that the Lord had not forgotten me. Yes people will call me blessed because of my outward adornments but do they know what I'm struggling with. I'm struggling with the fact that I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination and still is ........

Monday, September 04, 2006

To New Jersey and back

My younger brother once made a comment on how God blesses useless people who never make use of their blessings. He was refering to me, and my visiting the US for a year. Aparantly I was boring, and prefered the familiar surrounding of home than say going for a hike or visiting other places. Anyways I began to pray for an adventure, and as you are all previously aware of my charlotte trip went bad (and I'm tecnically not fully back from my charlotte journey yet) an adventure is really not what is needed right now. Anyways a colleague of mine who is scared stiff of driving on the motorways (appologies - is it called freeways or pike or interstate - what ever it is she is scared to drive on them things), and asked if I could join her on her trip. I was so excited, I said to myself I will show """" who is useless. And so I called a great friend who lives in new jersey, that I was visiting he asks if it was definate I confirmed, he gets me booked in hotel pretty sharpish. Anyhows my good friend from philedelphia, then informs me how big new jersey was, and I realised I might end up getting lost again. It happened that I got my weekends wrong, the area my colleague and I was driving to was like Delaware sides, and my friend lived in new york sides --Drat!!! We couldn't get a refund, bless him he fogave me, I can be quite airy sometimes. OK my colleague decides to drive, she manages to get us to roanoke, I drove the rest of the way non-stop (7 hrs - raining badly the entire journey, didn't quite see the scenery), was pretty impressed with myself, with all that wrong side of the road "milake" - drove through -North Virginia - West Virginia - DC - Maryland - Delaware - Philedelphia - New Jersey. But still had no tale to tell. On the way back, did all the driving all 9hrs of it (with half an hr petrol stop), was dark, didn't see much either and no picture to prove my mini adventure. Maybe next time. So apart from the slow moving traffic or the lack of the movement), my journey was pretty uneventful. Next trip, going for a walk down the road. That should be exciting.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Praise Report

Last week had taken an unexpected dive, felt as If I was on a runaway train to a destination I never thought would board for. Breathed a sign of relief glad to see the end of the week and praying that my this week would be better. Blessed as I was I learned I was - in that situation, in isolation, in prison and on a witness protection programme from God - for my own good and safety and the realisation that all I need do is press on as the Lord is the driver, and is guiding me through the rocks.

My praise report is, even though the rocks are still there, I am passing through it without any injury to myself and still with a smile on my face. He must increase, I must decrease. I have decided to stop fixing stuff for my self. It never gets fixed anyway!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Be anxious for nothing and the taxi driver

I had to write about this because its been on mind since my return. Even though I had been left 'stuck', I had peace and believed that something would come through, I never thought it would turn out to be the drama it unfolded to be. I waited patiently, and as the time was ticking over, it began to dawn on me, that there was a likely event that I will be stranded and only God would have to come through somehow. I remember the story of the resurection of Jesus when the Marys decided to stroll down to the tomb where Jesus was supposed to be burried. It never crossed their mind about the guards that were posted (that might have orders to strike to kill on site - you just never know), the heavy stone that required many seriously strong guys who would have been fed on some serious pando and at least 10 years body building experience before rolling away the heavy stone. Anyways, this never crossed their mind, but the good Lord already knew what they were going to face, and already knew that Jesus had resurected, the guards had ran away and the huge stone had been rolled away. The Marys didn't know this, and yet in their ignorance God was in control. I guess what I'm trying to say was that in my ignorance the Lord had raised an unbeliver - the taxi driver.
The taxi driver took pity on me, and probably didn't realise he was in for a shock. He had changed his name and was one of those pro-black extremist kinda guy. First of all I am not against black people (after all I am one), but anyways, I was able to share with him about Jesus, and there were a few things he said he never understood, and I hope I was able to sow a good seed. I only realised this when I had arrived, he was / and is a good man (which I gathered from the journey), but your deeds don't help you to get to heaven and live the purposeful abundant life that the Lord wants for you, but only Jesus does. Lets keep the taxi driver in our prayers.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Realisation that You can not depend on others

I have been somewhere I would never want to be and back, and now know that God is faithful. Could you imagine that I was left stranded at the airport on my way back!! You no hear gist.

Na so my aunty told one guy (a family friend and her relative) to come and pick me from charlotte airport. The man even invited himself, we called said he was in Washington DC but would get back in time to come and get me from airport (story). We called before we left, yesooo I am on my way guy said.

I landed 2.30pm, called the guy..his phone was cutting off, he must have said something along baltimore..anyways..he calls cuts off. Did not hear from the fella again. Kept calling his phone, kept going to voicemail. I was at the airport for 2hrs, called aunty, asking where the man was. She said she couldn’t get hold of the guy, that she will contact someone to come and get me. Na so I changed all my dollars, kept phoning the guy, until I was tired. The day before my young cousins loved the games on my phone and the battery was practically dead by the time they finished with the phone. I started asking people if I could borrow their phone, some gave, some didn't. 6 hrs later, I called aunty. She says to me “a….., where are you, we've been looking for you everywhere', I said I am still at the airport where did they think I would be. Apparently the guys wife went to Raleigh Durham to find me (by the way Raleigh is 4 hrs away from charlotte and 6hrs from Blacksburg), I said you didn't tell me this people lived in Raleigh, I am in Charlotte not Raleigh (charlotte is like 2hrs from Blacksburg). Anyways, the woman was refusing to come and get me from charlotte (I know I wouldn't), and claimed she had left her young children. That she had been in Raleigh for 3hrs. She is such a lair. Who told her I was in Raleigh. Everyone including her husband knew I was in Charlotte.

Anyways 10.30pm, (8 hrs later), my aunty tells me to go and find a hotel, that my safety was more important, and that she would try and coordinate for someone to come and get me the net day. I tried to call the hotels available. The rooms were fully booked, and the ones available were smoking and were charging over 150 dollars including tax. So I decided to sit on my chair for 45 mins to figure my next step. I asked how long the airport was open for, thinking maybe I might do an all night meeting on my own. So I decided to go and hire a car. They said they would accept my British licenses, but because I was asking for a one way ride, I would need to pay a drop off fee. Na so they said something along the lines of 150 dollars we haven't even discussed petrol or insurance. Anyways, I decided to walk along, to ask all the car renters available what their charges were.

I had left my suitcase for more than 5 mins when the baggage people had sent for police and sniffer dogs to come and sniff out my baggage that was left unattended, as it might be a bomb. So by now, my cell phone battery was dead. I had run out of money, used it all on phone calls at the phone boot, sniffer dogs to sniff out the supposed bomb in my baggage, no rooms to rent for the night (unless I choose to inhale smoke at an unfavourable rate - which if I did, wasn't even sure if they would come and get me from the airport)..and my credit card was not working..YES..NOT WORKING. So everything that could go wrong went wrong.

As I walked along contemplating (If I Perish I Perish), because it was raining heavily outside, didn't have a map or have an idea on how to get home, but was still contemplating hiring a car in the thick darkness outside, I walked past the information booth lady, who bless her, has been helping me the entire time with the use of her phone and paging visitors at the airport, she said still no help I practically burst out crying. I am stranded for real.

Anyways to cut the story short, there was a taxi driver that came to pick someone up. He saw me at 2.30pm and seeing me again at this late time asked the lady what is the story with that girl. So she relayed my story to him and he offered to drive me home for 150 dollars. They gave me their phone to call my cusin Jackie in Augusta Georgia, who picked up the tab on her credit card, and that was how I got home. It took over 3 hrs with the rain and bad weather, and when I got to Blacksburg, could not have been more happy to see home.

I came to work the next day, my entire experiment wiped out, because of a power cut, and there had been a man hunt in the university campus, an armed and dangerous criminal had escaped from the hospital where he was receiving attention, and shot a police man and a staff at the hospital shooting them dead.

All this chaos and I was not affected. I am home and alive. Praise be to God.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Good People are really not that difficult to find

I am writing about this, because I remember a statment my cuz said to me ''Bouy you would need to give up more than money to get a lift''.

Let me start from the begining. I had been invited to atlanta by my mums sisters concerning a DO they were throwing [ where highly connected people would be present, they called it high society or somethig or the other...aparantly..], anyways, I wanted to go, but I wasn't prepared to pay the 680-780 dollars fare that came with it. You see I live out in the sticks and it costs a fortune to fly out from my local airport. It really isn't technically an airport more like a landing ground (... And would have prefered to spend my money on better things, certainly not flight tickets). My aunties were not going to pay for the tickets as they are of the view that I am seriously loaded. I claim that In Jesus Name. Amen. (can't get any free bees sucks to be grown up in ones families eyes)

I had made my decision earlier on (after my observations of the flight costings) not to go, but secretly had hoped that something would turn up. It happened that on a certain tuesday, the airlines were doing some deal, but I would have to catch my flight from North Carolina.

For those of you that live in the UK, its more like Leaving the North west of England, like Manchester.. Liverpool..Leeds.. or even Sheffield, to go down to London to catch a flight to Sandwich or Dover in kent. I mean where is the sense in that, and surely it would have been better to get a flight out to London, and find local transport to kent, but it would have just have cost me exactly the same to get to London in this case.

Back to my story. Like I said it would have cost me just the same as travelling out to North carolina, as going out to georgia. But anyways I saw a cheap deal like 100 dollars, and so I booked it. Trying to figure out how to get to North carolina was something, and after I had converted my dollars to pounds I had decided that if I couldn't make that trip, I could afford to loose the money. I mean I wasn't going to stress myself out.

I called around a few aquiantances, friends people from church and work collegues, all of them seemed to think it was a hopless case, and I was just about to throw in the towel, when tiffany, offered to give me a lift. Saying she had nothing to do, and had wondered what she could do that week seing as she was still on her summer hols and sort of bored, and my trip to North carolina would be something she would not mind doing. I had met her through my summer bible study group by the way. I leaped for Joy at my office desk where I was supposed to be doing some serious work in pushing the boundaries of science that bit forward, ran to all my collegues to relay the news to them which they found difficult to believe.

''You actually managed to get someone to give you a lift all the way to North carolina'' said one of my collegues, ''YES'' I answered, Praise God. And in the end, I had only spent 100 dollars [53.19 pounds].

Guess what I am trying to say is the Lord is good, and will send good people towards you in times of need. Be it if you happened to be a cheap scate like me who happened to have other money spending priorities.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Why is it so difficult to chat to a bloke..

What is this about chatting to a bloke being all very friendly, and then after investing some serious time in the chatting friendship you start to wonder, I hope I haven't been giving the wrong signal. I have always been one of those girls who seem to keep guy friends as bestfriends, and now I find myself in a totally new country, with new set of friends, and hoping I hope he is fully aware of my intentions. He is a great laugh and we really have fun at each other's expense but I can't help think, are there boundaries that are being crossed that I am unaware of?

The gist is, I have this good friend, but today he says I have upset him..aah watin....see me see did I do that one..I thought we were having a laugh..[obvioulsy not funny anymore]

Now I am wondering should I say something, or should I just leave it, cause he is a great guy, but surely he understands what this is? Right!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Reached the top and thought can I have another option please??

Have you ever worked so hard in life to achieve an ultimate goal, an idea, an ambition, that you thought all you needed to do is get there and life would be so great. I ask this because I find myself in such dilema. I am begining to wonder if there is more. I never really had a life ambition to get this far this early in life, because now that I am here, I have started to take God for granted. I find myself spending more time each day wondering if I could do somthing else, or should have done something else - or maybe be somewhere else -

I am in my mid twenties with already a Ph.D in science - have tons of contact with pharm industry - cause my Ph.D was paid for by one - an international fellow - and to die for job - travelling all over the continent - Great family - and friends - yet something is lacking -

I'm I alone in thinking like this - or I'm I just plain ungrateful??