Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why does TIME go so so quickly!!

Yikes its already the 24th. My goodness, what to do!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So Lately

I should really be on top of the world, but I am slowly falling into a depressive state. My heart aches. Really. If it's not my "F" state, Its my "M" state. I was throwing up in the toilet and my bin yesterday. I feel like Im knocking against a brick wall. I am tired/exhausted in my spirit, but my body shows no signs of it.

My landlord saw me this morning, asked me if everything is well. I told him very well indeed. I came into my office slumped into my chair, my office mate asks me, its not like you to look so beaten. I tell him all is indeed well.

The funny thing is if you asked me what is trully bugging me, I have checked it, it's trully nothing major. Infact it's a non-factor. But what I know is the "devil be rebuked in my life" in Jesus Name. Amen. Prayers that have always been prayed on my behalf. The Lord has made me into a light, that glows from within and is seen from afar off, and His plans He will watch to fulfillment. He is faithful, and I cannot thank Him enough for the testimonies He has placed on my lips, for I will continually sing His praises from the roof tops, and declare His goodness in my life. For He has delivered me from the depths of the grave and made me the pride of nations. For His words reminds me that people I don't know will work for me. I claim His promises. All of it in Jesus Name.

So what is the koko of the oro, as my friend "child of the most high would say" - Lord help me not to see myself as a dissappointment to all I come in contact with. For I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and all my papers - looks like all 4 of them must be finished and published before august of this year in Jesus Name. Amen. Those people that are supposed to be working for me, I arrest them in Jesus name, and may they make my projects their priority in Jesus Name. Amen.

Going back to MT work. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers. Amen.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Lately, for loss of a better word, I havn't had the motivation to do anything, hence havn't had much to blog about. My life has now well and truly moved on to that next level, a level that requires all my attention. Mr # (not poetics) and I have sorted out our differences, and it's good to see him finally truly content, and in a happy place.

Work is going well, now looking for a new adventure, thankfully the next adventure I won't be doing it by myself. Seminars to prepare for, and travels to arrange. In the month of May I will be visiting Nigeria - Lagos; in the month of august Goteborg - Sweden; September USA - Santa Fe and ATL, and December back to Nigeria. Will be visiting UK on a monthly basis, So I am sending out official notice to all friends living in these aforementioned places, here is my itinerary. lol.

My students are truly working me hard. Hopefully when I have some time I will update. So how have you all been?