Friday, February 18, 2011

But the Electron Borrows energy!

We walked down to the small cellar to have our cafe following the heavy lunch we just had. Then he said to me, I’m a vegetarian and don’t like to impose my views and beliefs on others and yet I DO NOT understand why others do.

Wow I said to ricco, what would you say if I told you I was a Christ follower? and what would you do if I tried to tell you about him. Err, he said to me, I would tell you about the countless books written to dissuade you of your belief, and besides I am an atheist.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself. You see I had set out on this particular day telling myself how tomorrow was not guaranteed to any man, and how each day I must live for God. But who would I tell about the Love of God? Surely not ricco, he’s a physicist and a good one at that. He has read all the books humanly possible and was the first to show me all the oldest books in the world, along with all the evil under the sun, which he claims should never be attributed to God. He twists all the excerpts of the bible to make out that the bible is not such a ‘divine’ book after all; and that there are other books which also have pretty good moral codes. Then he said to me, if God can promise to end all the starvation in the world I’ll follow him.

Then I remembered my post on “the mathematical code to life” and how I ended it. I truly understand that it may be difficult to hear and honour the “WORD” of God by believing because of our intellectual culture and all the scholarly books written on why we ought not to hear the “WORD”. But the fact that there has been over the centuries countless documentation on the existence of the WORD or its supposed lack of is more than enough for the intellectuals among us to sit down and ponder upon it.

Holy Spirit, I have no other words for ricco. You will have to work on him. If you can believe that electrons borrow energy, which you did not see it doing with your two eyes, how be it that you can remain ignorant when it comes to YOUR life. Being an intellectual I REPEAT is not enough of a reason to be ignorant of the true God. I lifeofastranger will not be deceived by what I see here at the centre of learning.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Papers, papers everywhere!! I see them on my table tops, my guest chairs, my opened drawers, my flung open cabinets, my desk cupboard, my inbox trays, my laptop holder. I see them all over my living room floor, my bedroom table, my reading table. O if only I could have some space on my bed to lay my head. All I ask for is only a tiny bit of space devoid of this mess, just to lay my exhausted mind and body. You product of wood, how have you now over run my space, my personal space?

Wasn’t it too long ago when you wished you had more to do, studies to occupy your mind, a challenge worthy of you? Something, anything to make this passing fancy of life worth living? Wasn’t that your petition, your request, your desire, your wish, your devotion, all you ever thought of? How be it then you’ve forgotten so quickly?

Did you forget the scriptures? Did you forget where God called you “gods” children of the Most High God (Psalm 82:6)? Where He reminded you that you have the power to call things that be not as though they were? That you had the power of life? That as children of God we have the Holy Spirit who as an agent of Christ (John 16:13), guides us into all truth; who constructs and interpret our prayers (Romans 8:26) in such a way that Jesus as our mediator in heaven is able to present them with His own blood to the Father (Leviticus 04:6-7) [well technically we are praying directly to the Father, the Holy Spirit helps us construct the prayers so that it lies within the remit of His will, and in the name of Jesus because of His finished work on the cross]. That whatever you ask in His name He will give to you (John 14:13).

So you see, it may have appeared that it is the Will of God for me to be Head and not the tail, and to remain above only. It may seem that it was after all the Will of God, for me to have a purpose filled challenge for my grey cells; which has now resulted in the overkill with the papers. O how quickly I have forgotten. Is it not the Lord that has done this and it is indeed marvelous in His sight.

Sugar quit being an ingrate, and just get on with it!!