Friday, August 11, 2006

Why is it so difficult to chat to a bloke..

What is this about chatting to a bloke being all very friendly, and then after investing some serious time in the chatting friendship you start to wonder, I hope I haven't been giving the wrong signal. I have always been one of those girls who seem to keep guy friends as bestfriends, and now I find myself in a totally new country, with new set of friends, and hoping I hope he is fully aware of my intentions. He is a great laugh and we really have fun at each other's expense but I can't help think, are there boundaries that are being crossed that I am unaware of?

The gist is, I have this good friend, but today he says I have upset him..aah watin....see me see did I do that one..I thought we were having a laugh..[obvioulsy not funny anymore]

Now I am wondering should I say something, or should I just leave it, cause he is a great guy, but surely he understands what this is? Right!!


YourMateorYourDate said...

If he's your good friend then he'll be fine with things when you tell him what you think is going on (are you clear abt what is going on?)...

If he doesnt understand then you overestimated the depth of the friendship..

NaijaBloke said...

U need to know that a lot of guys dont know how to go abt expressing their feelings to a gurl and when the gurl makes the guy feel comfortable by talking to him and taking him as a friend,he practically assumes the gurl knows what the deal is.

So u might be in a relationship without knowing abt it urself..LOL .. seen a couple of this instances before.Yeah I will agree with what yourmateoryourdate said.

U take care and thx a bunch for coming by my blog and u r welcome to come by again

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Thanks guys, I must muster the courage to ask him plainly.