Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So I found a church in VERONA

Sometimes I thank God for my chatty ways. I saw this "aunty" at my regular bus stop where I caught my buses home, and went on to greet her. I found out she was Nigerian, and I asked her about churches where English was spoken. She told me that churches here tend to be Catholics and they speak only Italian as their population don't speak or understand English, but she had a daughter who went to a church behind "Brenero".

I got so excited, took her number and called her. She introduced me to her daughter, and she was a delight. A very pleasant 21 yr old. Well, her daughter told me that she no longer went to the church behind "Brenero" but have found a very good church in Verona. Well I was a little surprised. You see Verona is like 100 kilometres from Povo, and I couldn't imagine me going all that way just for church. Back in blacksburg, I did 30 miles to go to church, I couldn't imagine any further that 30 miles.

Anyhow, we popped on the train went there, and I must say it was a typical Nigerian church. The choir members were all women, they screamed into the microphone which was so loud that I was almost deafened by the noise. I have had this same experience before, how can I forget the wonderful church in Newark New Jersey. It was a very small church of possibly 30 people.

"But if the fruit is good, eat of it". They prayed a lot which I liked, but it was mostly a binding and casting geared prayer. The Pastor preached on relationships, but there was something he said, and I realised that I was at the right place.

It might not be what I'm used to, or I might have to miss the praise and worship bit, because of the noise - [anyways to those that can't sing, God did say make a joyful noise - so their noise is good] - but I believe I have been placed at this place for such a time as this, and thank God for the help he has brought into my life.

Did I tell you that the pleasant girl has offered to show me around, take me shopping, basically made herself available. The Lord indeed is faithful. Psalm 32 vs. 8 is definitely in motion.


confused naija girl said...

its great things are going well for you in verona

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Thank Goodness i know how much that means to you so gud luck. Meanwhile how come everyone else has been invited to visit u except me and my chief?

BlogVille Idols said...

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Ugo Daniels said...

Glad things are gradually working out fine for you. :)

Sisbee said...

Hey! Nice blogging, God trully is in control.Think you are actually going to end up falling in love with Italy.On the whole it all sounds good. You make my day with your comments on my blog, and your page brightens me up, nice to know what you're up to. This is actually better than emailing! You take care of you! See ya soon, honest.

TaureanMinx said...

Same thing happened to me (in a if way, colleague, not an aunty) and I knew it was Gods work. :)