Monday, June 25, 2007

I never sent you!!

Hope all your weekend was fabulous. Mine was, in a weird sort of way. After a wonderful time on TERC on Friday, I was feeling very wonderful (as sisbee and akelcalledwonder would always say). So I decided to walk home. I was reliably informed that because I'm Nigerian and have been used to my Nigerian dishes, the Italian food I have started to really enjoy would cause me to gain weight. And it’s not an option not to eat their food. You see I have a food card that can only be used at restaurants, and it would be foolish not to use it. So the Nigerian in me is maxing it out. lol.

As I had previously described my office is on one the mini mountains here in Trento (approximately 400meters), and on the bus will take approx. 20mins to get into town before changing buses, and a further 10 mins before getting to my hotel turned apartment. So on Friday evening, it was a lovely evening, and I constrained a colleague to take the walk with me, and he reluctantly did as I wanted us to leave at 8pm, when he would leave at 6pm on a Friday. And what a beautiful walk it was. The path was very steep, surrounded by nature, fresh water stream with live fishes, and fruits, I saw apples, grapes, cherry, wild berries, wild strawberries, fig trees and its fruit, and many I can't say Ive ever heard of. Past the train tracks and down. The walk like I said was a down hill walk and it made the walk very pleasant.

So the next day. I decided to go to work, and because of the pleasant walk the night before, I decided to walk and not get the bus. What a big mistake. I had done 25 mins, when I realised I could no longer walk upwards on the path. It was so steep that I kept stopping every 10mins for a break. My bum, legs, thighs, you name it was hurting. At times I was walking backwards up the mountain because I could no longer do it going forward. The path was so deserted; I thought to myself that even if I were to stop, no one could come by to rescue me in the next coming hrs, so I struggled on until I made it to the top, to my workplace. Took me 2hrs, a walk that was a 50mins walk. But I made it no less.

I was exhausted with pain, and starving. So I took myself to the restaurant, and my, did I eat. Because of the festive weekend here, I had arranged to meet a couple of people at nine, and could not leave on time. So I missed my bus, and you name it I had to walk back. The walk back wasn’t the problem; I had to jog because I had people waiting for me. So I jogged all the way (ok ok, most of the way) and stayed out till 2am watching the water and fire presentation. On Sunday morning, I was too tired to wake up, and the bus only runs hourly on a Sunday, well you figured it out, missed the bus, and had to walk to the station, a 25mins walk to get my train to get to my church that is like 100km away.

So all in all, no one asked me to do all this, but as I wage war against gaining weight by eating healthy Italian food, the fight must continue. And even if it kills me, I must keep up the fight.
So today I am ready for the fight. I am in my adidas triainers (obviously everywhere hurts too much to wear anything else), backpack and very comfy wear. I did get the bus to work today, but will be walking home. Will try and eat the berries along the path today. I hear they are very tasty.


A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Keep up the fight nne, but i always tell u that u look lovely. Am sure ur just panicking for nada.... wow i can imagine all that spagetti and pasta... did u say free food????

Sisbee said...

Lol, so you were forced into joining the walking club?! Keep it up (if you can), I mean hills and walking for 2 hours!
Don't feel like commenting on the food, my akpiri has been drawn just by the thought...I'll keep focused on the healthy stuff like the walking, the berries, the beautiful outdoors and ..yeah..the walking.
Enjoy, you are a wonder.

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BlogVille Idols said...

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TaureanMinx said...

I'm trying not to get fat here too lol. Eating berries along the way...sounds yummy.

Confused Naija Girl said...

Great post babe! Heres to winning the WAR!