Monday, November 17, 2008

Poetic Mondays - A friendship

A friendship

Where did it begin?
This stream so luminously clear?
Its waters so warm
That even I cannot escape
From its vapours
Which now envelops my every being
I wish I knew
And yet I know it’s good

How deep does it run?
This stream of contentment
I try to gaze through
The ripples of laughter
But yet my eyes are blind
They do not wish to see
For fear of seeing the truth
I wish I knew
And yet I know it’s good

Where does it lead to?
This stream so warm, so deep,
So luminously clear
Will it be shared again?
By hearts that once thrived
Upon its healthy
I wish I knew
And yet I know it’s good

..................................................................... ETN (14/11/08) - LIFE


DiAmOnD hawk said...

ok... you're not in Asia... it's SUNDAY... u this girl... who is CTN ehn? come and explain yourself

other than that.. me likey!

Kafo said...

i was with Diamond I was like okay what is today is it already monday but then in Italy no in Italy that is like sunday evening hmmmmmmmmm

but yeah i like
i love the line streams of contentment

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


can't a girl put up postdated post, well I figured I might come to work late on monday so wanted to get it in early.. u know submit my assignment

ok, from next week I will post it at midnight..

love u guys.........

naijalines said...

Nice to see a bit of positivity. Blogville needs more of this right now.

Jaycee said...

Love it! Friendship has its ups and downs, but ultimately is a good thing. Clear streams, warm waters, lovely vapors...yes, that's a good friendship.

I'm excited abt poetic Mondays! Woohoo! Poetry is my thing!

NoLimit said...

I likey!!!
but open your eyes and see o...abeg...infact wear double lens sef!!! hee hee hee!!!

simeone said...

where does it lead to..?
i wish i knew //
and yet i know its so good..

i just wanna screammmmmmmmm.
poetry does somthing to me..that i cant explain yet..

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

wow, thanks simeone, glad you are impressed..

poetry also has that same effect on

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ Diamond's comment.

Life of a stranger: I think you didn't sleep enough or something. Talk true. LOL.

Beautiful post (with the exception of the date) said...

i lay in my bed at night
and i tremble with fright
the things that i fear
sometimes bring a tear
all because i want to know.....
for the shadows on the wall
seem so frightening for someone so small
should i cry out in vain
only to be told i'm dreaming again,
life of a stranger are you for real? ?????????

azuka said...

Bravo! I wish I could write like this.