Monday, November 24, 2008

Poetic Mondays - Commitment


Screams compelled by stomach that twist
From flying sofas that spin and spiral and bounce and whirl
With candyfloss frothing dizzy expressions
To the strident music ascending excitement
lights tattooing the air
all focus
Increasing involvement
Oasis of fantasy
Eventually to STOP

Let me shArE this with you
I had a love of long ago
He was a soldier as you can see
he died that we could be free
I was too young to understand
What a man will do for his land
But older now I try to see
Just what this soldier did for me
He gave his life that we could go
Forward with no enemies so
Now I beg all stop and think
Before you kick up all that stink
About some silly chit or chat
That in the end matters not a drat

Now think about your self
Can you die for your friend?

Or any body in your family?
But Jesus died for you and I
In return what have you done for him?
He is neither greedy nor selfish
Just a little praise and thanks ..........
He ask from you and I
It cost nothing
Not expensive and easy to say
Yet we are too busy to do so
He who can take his own life
Can also take yours, even that job that makes you too busy
My dear
Just close your eyes for a second
And say
Lord Jesus thank you for dying for me
That I may live
May I never be too busy to find time and worship you
Teach me to live for you and you alone

......................................................................... ETN 17/11/08 - LIFE


Kafo said...

am i really first
this is unbelievable

i like the analogy
the whole soldier bit
it hit home

nice one

NoLimit said...

Love your post...May I never be too busy to say thank you to the Soldier...

dees-nut said...

thank you Lord for fighting for me that i may be free, may i never be too busy not to have enough time to spend with you

Dots said...

Oh! Very nice... I read over and over!

Uzezi said...

nice one. and it 's a reminder of what we should do