Friday, August 01, 2008

Never Settle For less

I remember in high school I was pretty rubbish in Physics. Lets just say I was pretty rubbish in most things, but my physics teacher for some reason known only to him believed in me, even with my very poor grade (too ashamed to prefix.. I know ayo, you’d probably try). But he still believed in me. Told me, I was one of his finest, brightest and most inspiring student. Well let’s just say I worked even harder, exhausted my limit, and even though I never got the high grades, he never stopped believing that I could and would. I didn’t make the grade I needed to study the course of my choice at university level, but I still got into uni, and never forgetting the belief “Mr. Bancroft” had in me, I worked like there was no tomorrow. In the end I made a First class honours, but when I went back to my high school to tell Mr. Bancroft that I made it, that I made a First in Pharm. sci, majored in Organic and Medicinal chem., he was no longer working in the school or was he around to see the seed he had sown all those years ago germinate and bloom. He had retired for health reasons. I was never able to tell him, that because of the way he believed that I could soar like an eagle, that the sky was the limit that was attainable to me, that regardless of what circumstance, difficulty, ill equipped as I was, that the light at the end of tunnel was a destination I could get to. I was immediately offered two scholarships (one from Pfizer and the other from BBSRC) to study for my Ph.D immediately after uni, and received my Ph.D by the age of 25. I think this is a pretty good achievement for an “F grade”

Today’s topic is not about me or my physics teacher, but about you and your instructor known as Jesus.

The Lord did use Mr. Bancroft to spur me on, but what if there wasn’t a Mr. Bancroft, there will always be God. He is forever by our side willing us to try just that bit harder. The Lord who created us, who has already endowed us, the ability and all the necessary skills to get to the finishing line. The thing is we need to have it always in our fore mind that He is always there encouraging us that we can, and we will get there. Never to forget that if no one believes in you, the fact that God believes in you is all you need. That you have been created for greatness, to be the head, to be rulers, you are royalty, to be able to tell the difference between what’s fake and what’s real. To remember that the people you surround yourself with must agree in your ability to attain greatness. That anybody who tears you down, or talks about your negative qualities, does not deserve to stand with you. If Mr. Bancroft had gone on and on about my “F” status, and how he saw no future in my “F” (Failure) being transformed to “F” (First class) then I doubt I would have believed that I could. I am here to tell you, Never settle for less. Never settle for mediocrity, never settle for ok. Never settle for quitters. You are created in the image of God, and He is not a quitter.

I was not able to thank Mr. Bancroft, but like the Ten lepers healed by Jesus, if no one comes back to thank Jesus for what He’s done for them, I would like to be that one that came back to thank Him. To always be in an attitude of thanks. I know now that the Lord used Mr. Bancroft to will me on to the finishing line of academia, and for this Lord I thank you. If I had believed in my current situation in high school, I probably would not have become a Fellow of science, and an academic working for Microsoft research supervising Masters and Ph.D students within 3 yrs of my graduation. But I stress on believing that I can and will. You might have been called all manner of names, rejected, have had to overcome one hurdle or another on your way to the finishing line, but one thing I know is that you have been called: CHOSEN, HIS, BELOVED, SOUGHT AFTER, FRIEND, Great man/woman, man/woman after God’s own heart, Friend of God. That your life is not in the hands of any ordinary man, but you have been ingrained in the palm of God’s hands. I no longer believe in the FACT, I only know the Truth. And the simple truth is that I have been created for my life to bring Glory to God. And whatever point I am in my life I can only get better, the direction can only be upwards.

So I challenge you all, will you continue to let the shadows of your past failures, shame, unfruitfulness continue to chase you or will you make a stand for it and choose to see past the Fact, and strive on until the Truth manifests in your life. What will your legacy be? The choice is really up to you.

As for me, my mind is made up. I will be a fool to settle for anything less than what God has for me. I am not about to give up now.


Remi, United Kingdom said...

Firrrrrrrrrrrrst... .:-))
Hey there, very true.. God is our maker, so he sees us as he made us to be and believes in us cus he made us to perfection. He breathed into us when he created us, so like him we are and can do ALL things. sometimes it takes more than 1 or 10 trials, but do it we can all the same.
Thanks for the post, it reaffirmed my believe in who I am and whom I was already ordained to be. Have an awesome week. Godbless x

Believer said...

Madam, this is what I REALLY needed to hear today. Was just reading old posts to encourage myself. Wow! You are blessed. I think DCO needs to drop a bit more in ****** because this one na world class beauty/brains that we wan give am...when are we gonna talk?

Jaycee said...

Wow....I really needed to hear this today too.

See, when God tells me of things I'm going to become, I give Him what I call the "Sarai's laughter"! But God can take a person from nothing and make them "everything."

I'm blessed by the person you have become. Woohooooo!!!

30+ said...

Open my eyes Lord to see your best.

Thanks for this

Naijadude said...

This is really a blessing.. thank you!

btw.. how come ur date says August 01 when its only 30/07 in this part of my world??

Debbie said...

Thanks, this is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

AM always happy to read your posts.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

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