Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Is your steps Ordered?

Interesting enough I am just returning back to Italy from my Trip to the UK. It was supposed to be a dress fitting excersise plus a few confirmations. However my frustration with my dear airlines tried to cloud my journey.

After a fabulous weekend with my better half and family, I proceeded to attempt my return back to Italy. I hadn't booked my return leg of the flight because I wasn't sure which city I may need to fly out from. Never the less when the time came to book my return flight I found that it would be best for me to make my way to London and try and get a flight out from there so that I could get back at a reasonable time. I live on the mountains, so depending on where I fly in, I still have a minimum of 3hrs left prior to my final destination. So trying to get back here in the evening would mean a serious mission for me.

Anyhow, as I made my last minute dash to London in anticipation of booking a flight on arrival (of course I could have booked a flight prior to my trip to London - but then again I could so easily change my mind last minute - I know I like drama..lol..), I found on entry that the flights I wanted were fully booked remaining only the expensive seats. As I contemplated what next to do I opted to book the cheaper flight out, and decided to spend two nights and a day in London.

I am glad I did. I found that the Jesus House in Brent cross were having a 21day fast, which was ending with a thanks giving service on that monday I desperately wanted to travel. I went to the service, to say it trully was an amazing service is really an understatement. I found my self in the same situation as the last minute workers in "the parable of the workers", being blessed simply by just making it at the eleventh hour (Matthew 20: 1-16). Others have been working hard for the last 21 days as they waited on God, and here I was, just happenend to be at the right place at the right time, receiving the same blessings as those who were there from the onset.

As we went home all five of us, I spoke out loud saying, I really don't understand how this beautiful, wonderful awsome God loves me so. Who always remembers me only to bless me. Directing my footsteps to wherever He knows He will bless me the most. Even though I saw how my lovely E had lost weight from waiting on God this 21 days, I too went home partaking in what God had to offer during this time. vs. 15 of that chapter says - 'Don't I have the right to do what I want with my own money? Or are you envious because I am generous?' - I am so grateful God is generous, cause seriously by all counts, I didn't deserve to be blessed. But He blessed me anyway. Isn't God something? I went back to Italy the next day rejoicing, still in the knowledge that I am just too important for God.


Anonymous said...

girl, u avnt told us d dat for ur wedding yet. r all anonymous readers invited?

Allied said...

I was reading songs of songs this morning and it dawned on me that i still do not understand how deep the father's love for me.

Will i truly understand? I don't think so but its enough that i know he loves me despite my flaws

Pink-satin said...