Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am whom God says I am

Its been a while now, I had forgotten whom God says I am. I had forgotten how He made me an everlasting Pride and the joy of all generations. How He has become my everlasting light and how my days of sorrow would end. How because he helps me, I will never fear shame and disgrace. That this is not the lot for me and my family. You see I may not have been faithful to him with somethings, but if He were to search my heart He would see how trully sorry I am.

I thank you Lord for making me into a light, I pray that my light will wane nomore, for you are my help in times of trouble. Oh Lord do not delay help me Lord, my heart is overwhlmed, help me my God who is steadfast and never late. I cry out to you Lord, only you Lord are able to deliver me from this.

Lord I'm still holding on. Challenge now is for how much longer. You showed that I am that light that shines through that darkend path. And without my light, journey through that path will be impossible. Challenge now is will I be able to arise and shine through that darkened path. Challenge now is will I be able to want to. I am almost tired.
I dont know which way to turn. I feel this intense crushing feeling. My heart can't appear to take all this anymore, but it has to. I call to you at midnight knowing you alone are attentive to me. I don't want to end up in the hospital again Lord. I have to wait for you Lord because I can see you in my horrison. I have to trust that you will arise on my behalf. People at work are noticing my light appears to be fading. Holy Spirit Strenghten and reinforce me. Help me now.

Lord you are indeed a God that answers prayers. A restorer of that which was stollen. Heal my heart O Lord. Help me to see what you have in store for me. Remove my blindspots and rebuild my trust and hope. Help me not to hold on to the past. Help me to see past my hurt. To see into my future, that which you have carefully and beautifully created for me. Thank you Lord of hosts. Thank you mighty deliver. Thank you wonderful Father. You have been my only hope, my only source of strength, my Lord my God.

The cloud is lifted. My fate have changed. My light has started to shine brightly. My colleagues have refused to leave me until I never stop laughing. Thank God for work colleagues, who are always ready to make a fool of themselves at my expense. Today is a good day. I can definately see YOU Lord in my horrison. Thank you Jesus.


Jaycee said...


God's name is Jehovah Sabaoth...and His Name is not about to change...:)

Kafo said...

today i am reading this book today and the author says father put in about 500 million sperm into your mother and only 1 took

is that coincidence

i am killing it

but yes we are uniquely created and he choose you for a purpose

Neers said...


A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

He is the God that is able, the God that never fails, that friend that stands even when others fail. He will never ever forsake you espcially not in the time of trobule.

He is ever present, ever able......

Do not be afraid my sister.

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

our God is a God of impossibilities. Just when it seems like its over, He steps in and like Bishop Oyedepo will say when God takes over then the issue is over. The only advice i will give you right now, is to depend on the strenght of the holy spirit cos ur strenght will fail you. i have a testimony to share and i hope it encouages u. i'll share it later.
Be strong becos He's more than enough, and His grace IS SUFFICIENT for us.