Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sittin on the Dock of Life

Whenever I listen to Otis Redding (sittin On) The Dock of The Bay, it reminds me so much of my life before now. The way I started to slowly give up on the plans the Lord had for me, the purpose of the journies. I had let my self go to a point where I no longer cared if I suceeded or not.

Then one day on my way back from naples in Italy, as I laid exhusted on the train station floor, by myself, wasn't even sure if I had fainted from the lack of sleep, with the tannoy anouncements of the train departures on full blast - I heard him, three times "Life of Stranger, before too long you will have cause to praise him. Life of stranger Before it's over, you will have cause to prasie God. Life of a stranger... you will have cause to glorify God". I woke up immediately. I wondered to myself if I had just imagined it. I wasn't thinking of anything par-se. Nor was my mind engaged in anything. All I knew before then was, I was tired and desperately needed sleep. I realised it must have been God, of whom I thought had forgotten me, and I was now living the fruits of my past mistakes.
I woke up dusted myself, and started praising God. A month after that encounter, I collapsed in my office all by myself almost dying until my colleagues found me after 9pm at night. God is not a man that He should lie, nor does His words return to Him void. He has spoken great things concerning me, therefore lonliness nor death was not going to take that away. I thank God for choosing me inspite of it all.

I dont know if there is anyone feeling lonley today, or feel they have nothing to live for, or it appears that nothing will come their way, so they've settled to just live and let their life continue to roll away. I am here to tell you that nothing in your life is ever destined to remain the same. I am here to tell you that regardless of where you are now, God is forever with you.
Just yesterday as I spoke to my friend and how we reminiced about the time she came to visit me here on the mountains of Italy, and how I confessed with my lips, the impossibility of anyone ever finding me here. Even with the kind of faith she had, after she had looked at my surrounding and had spent some time here with me, she concured and wondered how can it ever be possible. But today here I am to testify even in the tickest of forests or highest of mountains, even in the lonliest of journies or longest of roads, God is with you and when it is your time to be blessed it will come to pass.

And so it came to pass.


DiAmOnD hawk said...

what a very encouraging post... Thank you for sharing it

naijaleta said...

Jaycee has led me to quite a few inspirational posts today. Really grateful to her for seeing ur link on her blog

Favoured Girl said...

God is with you, He will never leave you or let you down.

Vera Ezimora said...



I eagerly await my day. Sometimes, it's frustrating. Sometimes, I get tired. I just get TIRED.

tee said...

I really needed that. thanks
To God be the glory! His words concerning me will surely come to pass, no matter how impossible it seems.