Friday, January 26, 2007

Too Fantastic – the story I mean

So when I was in my undergraduate years living in good old south London, I was working for this glazing company as a claims assessor. I loved the job, but hated getting up too early in the morning to get there. I had been working there for some of my university years, so when I decided to take a year out, out of education I continued working for them.

So most morning it was the habitual struggle of getting up and trying to get to work for 8am. Everyday I would be tempted to phone in sick, always thinking of what stories to tell, but alas no joy there.

And yet there was another like me. Every week something always seemed to happen to her that would cause her to take the day off. I was so sure she was making it up, but then again... One day she said she had woken up to a cordoned off road, cause a young boy had been stabbed right in front of her house and the police weren’t letting anyone out. She had to be questioned cause her room was directly opposite where the incident took place and she had to have seen it (yeah I don’t remember seing that on the news). Another day she said she had walked all the way to the local bus stop, and whilst she was standing in front of a huge puddle, the bus driver had driven his huge bus over the water puddle and had soaked her entire clothes in dirty water. So she had to walk all the way back home to change – [house was 20mins from bus stop]. Which she said was the reason why she came to work at 11.00am (yeah but she wasn’t a pedestrian – she had a nice car – hmm maybe car trouble??- I’ll let it go). Another day, she had gone to her car and found it missing. After a couple of hrs, had found it on a different street – (right!!! cause someone had stolen it). Another day she had dressed so stylishly to get to work, on her way there one heel had snapped off, and she had to go back all the way home to change her shoes (right – cause the shoe shop next to our office didn’t sell shoes in her size - right). Another day someone had tried to mug her, and she had fought them off, so she had to spend the morning at the police station. But she didn’t come back with a police report number. Just thinking of her stories made me cringe with envy, always thinking “how does she do it, how does she get away with it – people like me also found it hard to get to work – but I’m here.

Imagine the extent many would go just to get away from work. I even heard that there were some silly people over here that would phone in sick at work and go on television shows, come on, that’s just jokes.

Has anyone ever encountered one of them??!!!!!!!..

Oh by the way - I was sent this video, thought it was interesting - Who said white men can't dance? - They can!!!!

Thanks Diamond for all the help.


azuka said...

You're just like me. I feel like not working but my reputation is something I cherish. No matter how late I wake up, I always get there with minutes to spare.

Such people annoy the heck out of me. Well, at least they're not getting paid for the time lost, are they? OR did they pay a flat-rate salary?

Vera Ezimora said...


Your coworker is good o! Cause even though I don't know her, I have a hard time believing her stories. How come she's the only one these things happen 2...abi is she the only one in London? lol.

I wouldn't like 2 work with people like that @ all. When it comes 2 work or school, I am always on time. I might be late for a Nigerian, of course, but anything else, I keep my time.

Gosh, those stories r funny

Anonymous said...

Yeah i got colleagues like that even senior colleagues but what can I do i think in this present company i have been sick once and it was caused by our manangement -- some thing they didnt fix made quite a number of us fall ill but there are some people who would just not come to work for the silliest things but i think some of our companies (in nigeria ) deserve it at times

Nilla said...


those excuses for coming to work late are hardly believable.....
It's funny.

I don't like waking up early too (but that's cos I sleep late).

Ajike said...

she is very inventive...creating those stories... i will not believe anything that comes out of people like that's mouth... lol...
and as for waking up early, i hate it especially during winter... i just want to sleep all day... :)

Anonymous said...

**taking notes**that lady's excuses were HILARIOUS!


Psshhhh I cherish my PDO's and vacation days too much to call in like that. lol

Anthony Arojojoye said...

It's painfull if u're on the receiving end you know. They just brought new guys from God-knows-where to a new unit I'm leading. These guys find all sorts of excuses to either stay late or not to come at all. The killer is that even if your time is up, you don't leave the office until your colleague reports for duty. U don't move an inch for NO reason.
There was a time one called me up @ 5:55pm (shift was to end by 6pm) that HE WAS BROKE! so he cldnt come. Imagine someone who WORKS IN A BANK saying he's broke. I almost broke down in tears.

Jaycee said...

lolllll @ all the excuses the other girl gave. But it may have been true sha, so its good u're giving her the benefit of a doubt...but it cracked me up though...

Naijadude said... there are many like me, not I wont be feeling guilty that I am alone in my world. I find every reason to call in sick, mostly I am out of town and getting back will be too late.

But to be honest, she's good, pretty good and whoever believe her stories, na wah!!

Refinedone said...

Lol!!! @ that story

Wow! the guy has to have black in him some where... :)

temmy tayo said...

Now that is a correct chic.

Good for her tho.

How I wish I can fabricate lovely lies like that.

azuka said...

Bad news. I succumbed to sleep today and didn't turn up for work :-(.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@azuka, so u are now one of them...LOL.

confusednaijagirl said...

seen that video before. Hilaroius!!! about excuses for work I hear there is a website you can go too for ideas!!

dipo tepede said...

This story reminds me of the 7 foolish Virgins that were late because they didn't have oil in their lamp.

Though the story is funny, it really calls for deep reflection especially how creative people can be to do the wrong things.

If only she could focus such creativity in her work place, she may never have to work for someone anymore.

Life and the way people perceive it..........

Dipo Tepede

shola said...

my! i pity who she works for.

londonnaijachic said...

pheww!!!!! I got tired reading those excuses.I Feel guity callng in sick even when am ill.Last year, i called in sick twice which is pretty good compared to some of my colleagues.On the tv a few months ago, they showed take that signing copies of their CD in virgin and people were already cueing up as early as 5am so they interview who had a hoodie on,big sunglasses and a bandana used to cover her mouth.The reporter asked why she's trying to protect her identity and she replied,"i called in sick at work today to be here so i don't wanna risk getting caught".can u imagine because of take that?

Jaycee said...

ha ha ha...that dude can DANCE...LMAO....loved the video!

NaijaBloke said...

I actually thot it was only me o.At my last job,a bunch of ppl always ask why I don't normally take off work even when I had the chance to.I always tell dem I feel unfulfil when I do that.Although I have tried it a couple of times as in call in when nuthn happened,but while basking in eating and watching TV at home a part of me always think like am not doing the right thing.

Love the video ...and Nne update us on From Osi with love jere ...LOL

Vera Ezimora said...


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@all - isnt it funny how people think they are fooling you, but its themselves they are fooling. By making up stories not to go to work means that there will be word in the grape vine that they are lazy.


@NB - that osi is just a friend. Not the way you think. The title of the write up was MINE - and I just coined the From Osi with Love - cause OSi is short for his name. He is a very good catch, so if anyones wants me to introduce - no problemo. My problem is I tend to turn people to my brother, so in end - I end up only having brotherly feelings for them. So I cant seem to see them in that way. YOu know what I mean!!wink wink..

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

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It woud nice to hear of the answers. There's my list. Its been fun.

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The Life of a Stranger called me said...

And this is what he thought of it - funny haha -

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