Friday, March 27, 2009

I am not a Grasshopper

“We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them” – Numbers 13:33b

It is indeed the end of a long anticipated week on my calendar, filled with so much travels and which would end with me taking a much needed break (maybe not deserved but whose checking lol). And this week the one lesson that kept coming to memory is how do I see myself? I finally made the journey to Cambridge; and enjoyed the times spent at the corridors of Emmanuel College. And even though my seminars was nicely delivered, the main highlights of the 4 day trip was the times spent with my sister, ndidi, and speaking about Jesus and the wonderful stories of the bible to a new friend and colleague I made there. I couldn’t believe how easy it was the way the name Jesus kept rolling off of my tongue even though I am supposed to be a scientist and we are after all MSR staffs.

And because I know whom I serve and who I am, Jesus will continue to be my primary message and science secondary. And because I know, that He will only ever send me where His presence will be, surely all I need do is speak His word (Exodus 33:14). All I will ever need is to know the way of the Lord, so that I may find favour with Him (Exodus 33:13).

My week has indeed been successful, not just because the way I was respected at my meetings, but because I had an opportunity to share the word of God. Lord I ask if only you can continue to equip me to boldly share Your word without compromise to professors in the academic settings. Thank you for making little 5.3inches me, look like a formidable giant. Yay, I feel 6.3 already!

“Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong” - Exodus 23:2a. I am sure the people I met this week will wonder for years the kind of scientist I am supposed to represent. Someday I too think about it.

I will be away for the next two Fridays and should be back God willing the 17th of April. Have a wonderful Easter, Truly truly, Jesus Lives, and thank God I am counted among they that know that to be true.

And always remember friends, we’ve all been created for Greatness, Lets all go become it!!


Jaycee said...

I loved this post. The way you give all the glory to God for your accomplishments will not go unrewarded. God has placed you in the high places where you are for a reason bigger than your imagination. May your life continue to speak unto others...

Lovely post! How have u been dearie? :)

Kafo said...

i'm familiar with the numbers verse how easy it is for us to feel like grasshoppers when confronted by those we think are superior
how easy we forget our identity in christ and let fear take over

have a blessed weekend

Phat gurl said...

May God help walk with God is a struggle.somtimes im far ahead of him,n then he's far bhind most times i feel am all alone,that he doesnt love me,n then im rebellious,n full of despair.but inside me,i knw all dat is bollocks.God loves me.n all i nid 2 do is 2learn 2 walk with i dnt get lost.ur blog is an inspiration 2me

Eagle's Nest!!! said...

Hey, beloved! Where are you? Don't stop blogging, please! You're a blessing! Praying for you!

Eagle's Nest!