Friday, December 12, 2008

The Lord is INDEED GOD

It’s that time of the year already, and 9days to my birthday. This year without a shadow of a doubt has been the year, when I sought the Lord in all earnest. When I entered into this year, I was told it would be a year of rejoicing, a year the Lord will send rain to my “parched” life (1 Kings 18:1). To be rest assured, and to go eat and drink for indeed there was a sound of heavy rain coming (I Kings 18: 41). I went home rejoicing, and when the time came, I expected the breakthrough to come from the troubles that overwhelmed me at the time. I also expected a loud “hullabaloo”, loud noises to usher in the opening of the heavens. Well to be very honest I expected a great deal to have happened, but when the Lord did it, and the way He did it, I could never have imagined it would happen in such a way, and gently so (1 Kings 19:11-12).

For years now I have always dreaded celebrating my birthday (I enjoyed the cakes, the attention and the presents that came with it, but the number of candles on it appeared to be increasing); and even though I had much to be glad about, and have been blessed with so much during this young life of mine, there was that particular one that eluded me so; and even though this year have been wrought with troubles (which I am here to declare to you that will not come a second timeNahum 1:9), and bad choices, I thank God that after the wind that tore up the mountains, the earthquake and the fire, He was there, he came and is here to stay. My gentle giant.

And so as I end this Happy Friday Everyone series for this year, I would like to take this fine opportunity to thank God, for indeed He has been so so good to me. And would also ask you too to thank Him on my behalf, for He has been faithful and true, and has brought His promises to me this year to pass. Recently also, He reminded me again of things, dreams I had kept in the back burner, which I thought might have been a tad too silly. Dreams I’ve had for a while now, which at the time of their inception thought the Lord was speaking to me about. Fast forward four years later, He’s still telling me to go back to them. Because He is watching to see that every word He has promised to me, He’ll bring to pass (Jer. 1:12). So I ask you, what dreams have the Lord spoken to you and is still speaking to you about? Go back to them. Examine them again. It does not matter how long you’ve had them. Keep holding onto them.

Truly this 2008 has been a remarkable year for me, in terms of my relationship with God, my faith in Him, and my confidence and Hope that He is more than able to bring to pass everything He has said He will do. And rightly so this year like the Lord did for Elijah in 1 Kings 18:37-38, The Lord too have done for me. And not only did he answer with fire, He showed up too with an abundance of rain. Lord I thank you for WHO YOU are. And I thank you Lord for choosing to lavish your blessing on me. I guess favour really isn’t fair.

Have a wonderful Christmas Everyone, and I believe 2009 will be a superb year for all of us. As my gentle giant keeps reminding me, it will indeed be a year that we will excel. Only believe. Watch me Rise ya’ll. You had better join me too.

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Rita said...

God is just awesome and I am so glad about the great things He's done in ur life. Happy Birthday in advance. 2009 will indeed be a wonderful year for us all.