Monday, October 06, 2008

One Thing I ask

I wondered,
Started to ponder
I digress
Did YOU make any promises to me

I know the Promises of Abraham's decendants are mine
Through the reason of the new convenant
Through the blood of Jesus
So I figured
Since God's spirit testifies with mine
That I'm His child
Then all His promises in the bible are mine

But I figured
Surely not all of them
Surely some are blessed more than others
Surely some are destined for greatness
And others
well, go figure
But I'm reminded today

Whose report will I believe
Will I follow the multitude and conclude I am less
That good things only happen to others
That good things are what you hear for others
That the Lord has brought you into this world
To complain and know pain
Or will you be among the few
The Joshua's and Caleb

You are a child of destiny Im told
A light to the world
And the salt of the earth
You have been purposely
And Uniquely placed
And the Lord has always been with you
You must be made uncomfortable
That is why your testimony
And landmarks of progress cannnot be equivalent to others

You will see what your Life will be used for
And eyes have yet to see what I have instore for you
The enemy may be battling against your destiny
But its a battle destined for failure
Because I already know the end from the begining
I will not appologise for the struggles
Because you can only learn from sink swim situation

Though you didn't listen when I spoke to you
Have wondered constantly in Disobedience
Had no interest in the things that pleases me
Even then I refused to love you any less
And now still
The promises are there for you for the taking
But you must want it enough
Not to give up at every chance of struggle

You are already Victorious

But know this
Be aware
Be on alert
Always be on your guard
Lest the enemy might come and steal your joy
And convince you it is I who have refused to bless you