Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Discount on the Treno Express

Hey guys... just wanted to give a just in UPDATE..hehe.. Im off tommorrow evening to the south of Italy for a friend's wedding. I had booked my flight originally which got cancelled and redirected to a different place. The notification was in Italian and English but I couldn't get past the Italian section, so asked for a refund only to find that everyone else I was travelling with took the redirected flight and the airline have now refunded me my money. This all happened when I was taking my much needed trips in August. when I decided to rebook again the price had "quardribbled", and we still had another 300 km left to go (which means cost of hiring a car). In the end, I opted to catch a 12hrs train there and another back. Either way the cost of the journey would still be the same for the origianl flight (which when I booked in July was 160 euros)

Anywho, to cut the long story short, I went to purchase my ticket, not only did they give me the most afordable option, they also gave me 20% discount on top of it all, leaving my collegues green with envy (as another one decided to go last minute). So here I am, paying 84 euros, for a 170 euro minimum train ticket. I am really so fantastically elated overjoyous, dazzled, beside myself FAVOUR. When my collegues read the options on the ticket, says that the dicount is only limited to a few people a year, and here I was one of them. Thank you Jesus. I know I know 80 odd euros may not amount to much, but its the principle. Everywhere I go, God is just blowing up the spot. Can't wait. I LOVE YOU JESUS. You make my heart go paulina muah.. God I'm just rubbing kisses all over your face.. You are my papa..

Oya I'll post something up tomorrow God willing before I go. Ciao my people.


Remi, United Kingdom said...

Firrsst... God's favour is most times unexplainable.. :-))) Have a great time at the wedding. Speaking of Italian. Just embarking on learning Spanish, if you are fluent, won't mind a bit of heeeeeelllllllp! :-))
Stay blessed

Rita said...

That is what I call favour...and God bringing out the best in a journey and all the best...