Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I went searching!!!

Dedicated to Udo. Happy Belated Birthday dearest. Right. Hope your birthday was a blast. Happy birthday again, love always.

I went searching for a star

I looked up to heaven. Heaven. Heaven said: you don’t need a star

‘What do I need’? I asked heaven.’ You need to find out yourself’ heaven says

I went searching for a path.

I look down to the Earth. Mother Earth says: ‘you’ve missed your path’

‘What do I need’? I asked Mother Earth.’ I don’t know’ Mother Earth says. Keep on searching.

I went searching for a test

I looked across to Fire. Fire says.’ Man, you’ve been thoroughly tested you’re akin to pure metal. You’ve not lost steam and you have enough heat. Continue your search

I went searching in the sea

I asked the sea. ‘Open your belly, uncover your secrets, and tell me what I seek you treacherous entity. tell me now or a curse on you I place’.

The sea roared and answered ‘ingrates all of you. Always, you remember my worst and not my best. I would return a curse on you as well but I pity you as your heart is heavy. You need no more voyages. Your search will not end here’

I went searching in the Wind

Swift entity, whisk me away, whisper in my ear, what am I looking for. I implore you. You enter every nook and cranny, you are in every crevice, you hear the whisper of lovers, and you must know what I seek.

The Wind answered. Although I love your flattery still I’m unable to help you. Your search confuses even me so please go ask the heavens

I went searching in the heaven- again

‘Will you help me now’?

Hmmm even I can not aid a search that is complete.

You cannot look for what you already have

You don’t need to look for what you never lost

I think you know what I am talking about

But it was good you searched so you know for sure


Anonymous said...

aah this babe wetin dey.. which kain punishment be this. SPILL.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

i absolutely LOVE this!!!!!

Allied said...

I Think i know...

Testing waters... Unconsciously he know she there but he still searched to see if she is unique

Rinsola said...

miss lady, this is confusingly lovely, but please spill some beans abeg, and howz your week coming?

Believer said...

U need to see the big silly smile on my face. No more searching o, we don find wetin we dey look for, abi how u see am? Lol! I'm loving this...

Jaycee said...

Eh this is what has been going on behind my back, lol.

anonymous gal said...

This is nice.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Am loosing weight to fit into the bridemaids dress. No stories...........

Give us the gist pleaseeeeeeeeee

Afrobabe said...

Brilliant...sounds like the "God is walking with you and carrying you poem".

Bold and Beautiful said...